Cognos Express has been built specifically to meet the needs of midsize companies. It provides an integrated solution with all the capabilities required by a midsize business and removes the bits that would only get in the way of effective business intelligence (BI).


Powerful performance management at a lower cost
- Features that are only beneficial to larger organisations have been removed to save cost and remove clutter.

Immediate use
- Everything is pre-configured for fast installation and adoption.
- Plug into existing infrastructure with minimal impact.

Easy expansion options for future needs
- Add capabilities as they are required using the familiar Cognos application.

Empower business users
- Self-service access for independent work in customised interfaces.

Cognos Express has four modules for organisations to choose from. They can be used on their own or integrated with the other modules to create a single BI solution.

Express Reporter
Delivers all the reporting capabilities you will need – financial, production, operation, transactional, managed or as hoc reports. Access, create and modify reports quickly with a self-service design that will reduce cost and cut the time it takes to share information across your organisation.

Express Advisor
Express Advisor is able to analyse complex data and present it through high-impact visualisations, so you can make business decisions faster. You can analyse key areas, then compare them in light of other important factors in order to get a complete view of your situation.

Express Xcelerator
Remove the risks and limitations associated with spreadsheet-only business processes. Express Xcelerator lets users work within and Xcel environment, but adopts real-time business analysis and optimisation. A closed-loop process allows users to immediately apply insights from a spreadsheet to operational areas with no programming skills or IT support required.

Express Planner
Automate the planning process for faster, easier and more accurate processes and decision making. A managed contribution model collects input from systems and staff across the company and provides a web-based interface for ease of use and collaboration.

If you are interested in implementing Cognos into your organisation, please Contact ISW.