ISW is pleased to announce the release of our latest product, Kudos Badges for IBM Connections.

Kudos Badges has been designed to leverage gamification theory to drive user adoption for IBM Connections. By providing achievements and rewards (Kudos Badges), rank and leaderboards (Kudos Rank), and missions (Kudos Missions), organisations can dramatically improve their user engagement and adoption of IBM Connections.

As leaders in consultation and implementation of IBM Connections in Australia, it has been a natural progression for ISW to develop a product that serves to improve not only user adoption but also the user experience in Connections. Kudos Badges has been driven from passion to provide true value and benefits to an organisations adoption and ongoing use of Connections.

ISW is excited about Kudos Badges potential and the impact it will have on facilitating 'social business' in Australia and across the globe. We will continue to develop and expand the product with the intent to make it available as a feature across a number of collaboration platforms.

Learn more about Kudos Badges for IBM Connections Here.