Rational Team Concert is the facilitator for effective team-based software development. It addresses the need to deliver high-quality software despite fewer resources and geographic dispersion often creating barriers to optimal results.


Enhance team collaboration
- Small or large development teams will improve communication and productivity
- Geographic gaps are bridged
- With Eclipse, Visual Studio, Web 2.0 and Command Line interfaces, your entire development team can use a single tool suite

Access important project information in one place
- Customisable portals show news and events, current build status, work in progress and change requests

Team awareness
- See what teammates are working on, whether they are online and their current availability

Transparent development progress
- Automated tracking of work items provides context and support for discussion, reviews and approval
- The who, what, when and why is captured for each work item
- Real-time insight into project health

Supports agile or formal development processes
- Use the included templates for common processes such as Scrum, OpenUP and a simple waterfall process, or “teach” RTC your organisations best practices

Facilitates experimentation
- Private and public workspaces allow a balance between experimentation and transparency, so you can build and test in your own private workspace without impacting upon the work of others
- Tracks changes that are made and, if need be, rollback to a previous version

Consistency across Rational Software
- Common reporting and user administration across collaborative lifecycle management products, including Rational Quality Manager, Rational Team Concert Rational Requirements Composer and more

Operation on a wide range of platforms
- Including: Windows®, Linux®(Intel®, PowerSystems™, System z®), AIX®and IBMi on Power, and z/OS®onSystem z
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