IBM Cognos 10 begins a series of new innovations from IBM Business Analytics that will change how your organisation makes decisions, allocates resources, anticipates and shapes future outcomes.

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With Cognos 10, you receive the full range of BI capabilities that will lead to smarter decisions, better results and a deeper understanding of your operating environment.

Query & Reporting

Get professional report authoring capabilities that will fit the needs of all users across your organisation. With Cognos query and reporting you can:
• Create report templates
• Share reports to increase understanding and gain perspective
• Comment and annotate
• Assign owners and approval processes
• Access one report on multiple devices in multiple formats


Cognos provides users with a personalised and portable dashboard to fit unique decision making styles. Everything that is important to a specific user can be dragged and dropped into a place that makes sense for them. Dashboards can be accessed within Microsoft Office applications and also when you are out and about on your smart phone or iPad.


You get a full range of analysis capabilities with Cognos and can use what suits your organisation or specific task the best. Even better, your BI workspace is your single stop for finding and doing work. Currently get all your analysis from Microsoft Excel? No problem, simply apply your Excel capabilities to your BI data and avoid multiple versions of the truth.

• Validate your information and incorporate statistical evidence
• Drill-down and filter real-time data
• Build “what-if” projections


Align your strategy with your operations and monitor the progress of objectives through simple to use scorecards. Cognos allows you assign scorecard owners for greater accountability, share information, create strategy maps and diagrams, and centralise data to ensure consistency in definitions across all reports.

Real-time Monitoring

Get up-to-the second, relevant information for business decisions and action. You can also set up alerts for business-defined issues, allowing immediate notification and action.


Using statistics as support for your reporting and business decisions is easy when using Cognos Statistics, powered by IBM SPSS Statistics Engine. As a wizard-driven solution, the complexity and time consuming intricacies of generating accurate statistics is removed.

Planning & Budgeting

Create, compare and evaluate business scenarios for forecasting using the right information in the appropriate format. Cognos removes the time consuming burden from the planning and budgeting process.

If you are interested in implementing Cognos software into your organisation, please Contact ISW.