Automate your Web application security testing with IBM® Rational® AppScan®.

Organisations are increasingly leveraging web based applications and solutions delivered via web services, to improve efficiencies, drive better collaboration and open new channels to market. Unfortunately, as web applications get more complex, so do their inherent vulnerabilities. As they become more useful and pervasive, they become higher value targets for hackers and cyber criminals.

Rational AppScan provides an automated means of detecting these potential vulnerabilities and provides advice on how to evaluate, understand and resolve the underlying security issues. Appscan minimises the cost of conducting risk assessments and analysis and reduces business risk by providing visibility into issues that impact security best practice and regulatory compliance.

Using AppScan

Appscan is designed for the broadest possible range of users, from non-security professionals to advanced power users. Scans results can be integrated into your application development lifecycle, where they can be assigned to developers for remediation. Appscan also provides out of the box reporting for over 40 different compliance reports, including PCI Data Security Standards, ISO 17799, ISO 27001, Basel ll, SB 1386, Payment Application Best Practices.

Regardless of whether your people are just getting started with Web Application security, or are power users, the Rational Appscan suite of products will empower your team to perform comprehensive and efficient application security assessments.
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