Rational Asset Manager is your definitive library management system for cataloging, organising, managing and (re)using all assets associated with your project delivery, including business, technology and software.


• Reduce costs of development, IT maintenance and training
- Automated cataloguing of assets makes the process of creating, maintain and finding assets easier for all stakeholders
- Powerful search capabilities are simple for any user
- New asset notifications keep everyone up to date
- Audit reporting makes it easier to understand use of assets and resources

• Manage risks better through automation
- Automated review boards and policy enforcement makes compliance easier to manage
- Reduces personnel and time required for review processes

Easier identification and evaluation of assets and resources
- Business Intelligence reports provide visibility of resource allocation and resulting business value
- Track asset usage and feedback for reporting purposes
- Search for assets using advanced search, keyword search, filters, user-defined categories and tags
- Find what you need with the search engine indexing local and remote assets

Improve productivity through collaboration
- Collaboration capabilities will bring minimise global disparities and improve development visibility
- Rate assets, raise discussions, report problems and make requests
- RSS feeds of library activity

Complete security management
- Manage access based on groups, roles, users or asset types

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