Rational DOORS is a leading requirements management solution that will increase the quality and efficiency of your project outcomes. If your organisation often takes on projects that need to meet a number of stakeholder requirements through various components and subsystems, then DOORS will help you ensure that nothing is missed.


Requirements/Contracts Management
• Access for all stakeholders to what they need and when
- All requirements are accessible online in a central repository
- Multiple users can view and update documents, without conflicting changes
- Role based access to full editing, configuration, analysis, reporting and requirements

• Demonstrate conformance and compliance
• Facilitate an impact analysis of a requirements change
• Filter capabilities to identify if and where requirements are linked
• End-to-end traceability reports in a single view
• Support for external links using standard URL technology

• Intuitive and accessible document-style list of requirements
- Easy navigation through the hierarchal organisation of requirements
- Individual requirements listed in context

Test Tracking Tool Kit
• Internally manage a small numbers of test cases
- Link manual test instructions back to original requirements
- Record and compare results
- Cover all requirements

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