ISW has been working with Lotus Notes since our inception in 1996. In fact a number of our Lotus Notes experts have been using the product since well before then. Lotus Notes has long been a leader in the field of collaboration software and ISW has long been an Australian leader in the implementation and support of collaborative solutions using Lotus Notes as the platform of choice.

ISW has provided support to clients ranging from small businesses that use Lotus Notes for complete messaging and collaboration solutions thru to large enterprise and government clients conducting large scale Lotus Notes migrations and enterprise support. ISW works with our clients to provide software architecture, software engineering, implementation & administration support, and training solutions.

What is Notes about?

Email & Calendaring
In the most basic sense Lotus Notes (the Rich Client) is the email client for a Lotus Domino Server. As far as messaging and calendaring is concerned Lotus Notes is up there with the best of them. With the Lotus Notes 8 client being built on the Eclipse Platform Notes has become a true market leader in functionality and ease of use. If you havn't seen the Lotus Notes 8 client then you really should have a look.

In addition to the Lotus Notes rich client there is the Lotus iNotes version which is essentially the web browser version. Notes has had web capabilities for many years and with iNotes 8 comes in the functionality rich full version as well as an AJAX enabled, lightning fast light version.

Applications Applications Applications
The real power of Lotus Notes however is not with the powerful email and messaging capabilities. ISW's view is that Lotus Notes is all about applications. There is simply no better platform to develop and implement workflow enabled business applications. Whether your users access the applications via a web browser or via the Lotus Notes client, Notes & Domino (the server) provides the ability to deploy powerful collaboration and business process applications.

From basic applications such as Wiki's, Blogs, Libraries, and Discussion/Forum databases to business process applications such as CRM, Customer Support, Capital Expenditure Approval, Quality Management, Expense Claims, Workflow Applications, HR Processes, Project Management, and just about any business process you might need to implement. Lotus Notes is a platform that can deliver true solutions to your users.

So if you would like more information on Lotus Notes & Domino solutions, please Contact Us and we would be happy to help.