Rational Requirements Composer will define and manage requirements across the lifecycle of your development project. It supports and thrives in a collaborative, fast-paced development environment where success requires accurate and complete fulfilment of requirements.


Clear and concise vision of requirements
- Organise and document requirements from a variety of stakeholders in formats they’re most comfortable with.
- Supports Web based document creation, so you can access and update your requirements from just about anywhere.
- Rich text authoring and editing
- Allows you to consolidate unstructured information, and bridge islands of information.

Easy to stay organised and find what you need
- Features include shared filters, tags, attributes, hyperlinks and advanced searches

Stay on track with business stakeholder outcomes
- Create, share and validate current and future state business processes
- Stakeholders can visualise how various inputs, outputs and roles can work together and create value

User interface (UI) mock ups to uncover deeper requirements leading to project success
- UI Sketch editor creates wire frame mock ups of the user experience to identify any issues prior the actual development
- UI storyboards clearly demonstrate scenarios that can identify requirements at a higher level than typical textual document reviews
- Create storyboards fast from sketches
- UI elements can be linked to other documents and requirements

Effectively manage traceability
- Show dependencies and prove compliance of requirements by tracing work items and test cases
- Multi-level traceability visualisation exposes gaps in requirements coverage and identifies change impact through tree and table views

Maintain consistency, improve understanding and eliminate errors
- Integrated project glossaries will keep teams on the same page
- Glossaries can feature enterprise and project level terms

Work offline and away from the project database
- Import documents from Microsoft Word and comma-separated text files
- Export a requirements artifact from Rational Requirements Composer into a word document

Maintain artifact history for back-tracking or multiple use
- Artifacts can be tracked through an audit trail of changes and reverted back to previous versions
- Facilitate parallel development with one version of an artifact in one project iteration while also being developed for the next iteration

Open and flexible team collaboration
- Customisable dashboards give an open view of project progress, including the ability to make comments to an individual or have team discussion threads.

Consistency across Rational Software
- Common reporting and user administration across collaborative lifecycle management products, including Rational Quality Manager, Rational Team Concert Rational Requirements Composer and more.
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