Rational Quality Manager is about optimising the quality of your software development project. It is designed to act as a collaborative hub for teams to track all aspects and stages of the lifecycle, ensuring optimal outcomes are achieved.


Best practise risk management – make confident decisions
- Risk Based Testing will prioritise tests based on likelihood or impact of failure

Minimise duplicate team efforts
- Duplicate Defect Identification will identify possible issues of overlap in team effort

Set up projects faster
- Project Templates allow for pre-population of typical projects with all information already entered i.e. test plan, tool integration set up, test environment information, users, workflow customisation

Address line of business expectations
- Use advanced and customised reporting to demonstrate ROI metrics and address the requirements of managers and analysts

Clear project goals, criteria and priority tracking
- The Dynamic Test Plan feature will report details that evolve with the project, while maintaining static data such as business objectives to ensure the project status is true to current factors yet remains on-track for the bigger picture

Confidence in quality assurance
- Work items for all team members are tracked, including ownership for project deliverables so nothing is missed

Easy team collaboration
- Built on a Java™ and Web 2.0 technology-based architecture means access straight from a web browser

Thorough, confident testing
- Manual test authoring captures textual text steps alongside embedded images
- Eliminate transcription errors with assisted data entry and validation.
- Create hybrid manual tests with automated keywords

Remove administrative burden
- Test lab management functionality supports distributed execution across physical and virtual lab machines

Security testing integration
- Through Rational AppScan, vulnerabilities in applications can be detected early in the development process

Consistency across Rational products
- Common reporting and user administration across collaborative lifecycle management products, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Team Concert and Rational Requirements Composer
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