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This OPEN FORUM presentation will introduce and discuss the power and flexibility of the Lotus solution set in action. Take your knowledge back to your organisation with the confidence that you can promote Lotus Software to resolve a myriad of business issues.

Tim Royle
attended the first Lotus Partner Conference in Australia in 1992 and has spent the time since delivering lead practice Lotus Business Solutions to academic, corporate and government institutions in Australia and 25 countries around the world. Tim supports customers from 2 users to many thousands. Tim still administers his own Domino server having upgraded from R3 through all versions to 8.5. Tim doesn't cut code any more - his team won't let him! Tim is supported by Australia's leading Lotus technical team including software architects, program managers, software engineers and iTeam, Australia's leading provider of Lotus Training solutions and IBM Authorised Independent Training Provider (AITP). Tim has attended many Lotusphere conferences in America and Europe and has delivered customer case study success stories at the event.

Mat Newman
is a Lotus Zealot and according to Tim, almost bleeds as yellow as him. Mat has worked with Lotus Software since 1992 and has been a Principal CLP and CLI in both Admin and Dev since Notes 4. Mat's professional training skills and infectious enthusiasm for Lotus Software have had a significant impact on the success of ISW Lotus implementations.

Tim and Mat welcome you to attend the inaugural ISW LCTY deep dive session on March 5. Come armed with questions, this special "open forum" encourages you to participate, ask questions and make comments - we especially want to hear from you if you have Outlook, Exchange or Sharepoint antagonists giving you a hard time. Make your input sharp, we want you to cut us DEEP so we can show you how we BLEED YELLOW and how you can too!

What's covered?

From IBM, all Lotus Software.

Third Party Lotus Business Solutions:

Project for Domino
- Genius Software (project management), Knowledge Centre - iTeam (Knowledge Management), Workflow-Xpress - ISW (workflow), Intelliprint - Synaptris (Reporting), Document One - Document One (Document Management).

Hyde Park Room
Sheraton on the Park Hotel
161 Elizabeth Street
Sydney, New South Wales

Thursday 5th March 2009, 2:00pm-5:00pm.

Register for IBM Lotusphere Comes To You, March 5, 8.30am to 1.30pm at www.ibm.com/events/au/lcty09