Lotus Collaboration and Portal Technical University 2008

This conference will explore current and emerging technologies as well as provide you new opportunities to interact with product experts and understand the innovations delivered with the latest collaboration and portal software.

Date: 16 Sep 2008 - 19 Sep 2008imageimageimage
Location:imageSydney, Australiaimageimageimage
Duration:image4 daysimageimageimage
Price:imageAUD $2,990 plus tax

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Event Outline

Messaging and Collaboration (Application Development and Infrastructure streams)
Collaboration software started with messaging. While e-mail remains an important tool, new Lotus software now offers so much more. Team collaboration software helps you share content, collaborate and work faster on-line with your teams - inside or outside your organisation's firewall. Learn about Lotus Notes 8, Expeditor, Web Services and Composite Applications.

Portal (Application Development and Infrastructure streams)
Portals provide key infrastructure for a window to the present and future of your business. Do you have data, people or business applications in different places and on different platforms? Portals can bring these all together to help create meaningful information. Do you have users who need unique views into this information? Portals deliver personalised information to the right people at the right time. But bringing this all together can be a challenge…content management, personalisation, integration and security require specialised solutions. Join us and master Lotus Web Content Management, Lotus Forms, WebSphere Portal and WebSphere Portlet Factory.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), Collaborative Document Services and Social Software (Application Development and Infrastructure streams)
At the forefront of taking team collaboration to the next level is IBM. Collaboration across time zones, organisations and networks has never been easier or faster with solutions powered by IBM Lotus software. Our team collaboration software is designed to transform the way work groups work together by relying on extensible solutions that work as stand-alone platforms or integrate with Lotus Notes/Domino software. Learn about Lotus Sametime and Lotus Quickr to spearhead your organisation to the next level!

Revolutionising enterprise collaboration software is nothing new to IBM, and IBM has done it again with Lotus Connections! Social software gives organisations the essential framework to unlock the power of dynamic networks of co-workers, partners and customers. Learn how to maximise the use of profiles, communities, blogs, dogear and activities by joining us.


This event is suitable for the following audience:
  • Notes/Domino Developers who want to extend their existing skills and tap into extended Lotus collaboration (Quickr, Connections).
  • Anyone planning to upgrade to Notes/Domino 8 and anyone still searching for the reasons why to do so.
  • IT strategists looking to see what Web 2.0 does today and how it makes people more productive. Partners looking for new opportunities by creating value-add plugins for Sametime, Lotus Notes, Portal and WCM.
  • Portal Developers and Administrators planning to upgrade to Portal 6.1 (and WCM 6.1).
  • Anyone interested in learning about new features in Portal 6.1 (and WCM 6.1).
  • Application developers interested in migrating or co-existing Microsoft technology and content in a Lotus environment.
  • Application developers interested in using open source software in a Lotus environment.
  • Web developers and power users who want to learn about composite applications and mash-ups that instantly bring new business value.
For more information on the tracks please see the following document.