ISW's Address-IT Data Sets give organisations access to quality Australian address data.

Use Address-IT Data Sets to validate addresses, to find new customers, to learn about your existing customers, plan operations, deliveries, and sales visits, and in data mining. Know your customer, their correct address, their neighbourhood, their advertising mail preferences, and whether you are reaching them at home or at work. Gain new business or residential customers, with all the above knowledge too.

With Address-IT Data Sets you can choose the level of detail you require; choose the data format and field combinations that best suit you; receive quarterly or annual updates; and enjoy quality customer service!

Address-IT AARF Data Set is ISW's product which encapsulates Australia Post’s premier address file: the Australian Address Reference File (AARF).

The Address-IT AARF Data Set is a collection of deliverable addresses with Residential, Non-Residential and No Advertising Material indicators. A deliverable address is an address to which Australia Post delivers and/or recognises through its delivery network.

The Address-IT AARF Data Set is a set of addresses useful as for mailing purposes, such as direct mail. The residential, non-residential, and no advertising material indicators in the Address-IT AARF Data Set also represent valuable customer information in their own right.

The AARF does not contain information on non-street addresses such as PO Boxes, Locked Bags or Roadside Mail Boxes. However, just contact ISW if you require this information in addition to the standard Address-IT AARF Data Set.

Address-IT Streets Only Data Set is a database of Australian Streets, Localities, States and Postcodes.

The Address-IT Streets Only Data Set is a useful tool for planning sales visits to nominated areas, confirming or verifying street addresses, analysing states data and other activities.

Address-IT Address Only Data Set is a database of Australian addresses of all delivery types including Houses, Post Office Boxes, Units, Offices, Building Allotments, etc. It includes vacant blocks and addresses used by Australia Post to locate other Addresses.

The Address-IT Address Only Data Set gives you access to every kind of address in Australia Post's Postal Address File (PAF) making it a more inclusive set than the Address-IT AARF Data Set.

Use the Address-IT Address Only Data Set to analyse every address type in Australia; to target rural and remote area addresses; to analyse Australian property by locality and state, etc.

Purchase one set or combine the Address-IT Data Sets to suit your needs.

Contact ISW for more information about the Address-IT Address data sets.