Address-IT Pro has been developed utilising ISW’s Address-IT API which has been approved by Australia Post in accordance with the Address Matching Approval System (AMAS) for the current AMAS cycle. Address-IT Pro has been designed to process databases of addresses in bulk to correct and match addresses against the Postal Address File (PAF) to allocate the DPID (Delivery Point Identifier) for the barcoding of mail.

There are several stages when using Address-IT Pro to match addresses:

1) The Get Data stage where the input user data is identified and typically imported into an Address-IT Pro file.
2) The Duplicates stage where duplicate address entries can be found and optionally deleted. This step may be bypassed if not required.
3) The Process stage where address fields are identified, and the automated matching against the PAF is done.
4) The Repair stage where a search tool assists with the manual correction of unmatched addresses. This step may be bypassed if not required.
5) The Export stage where the matched address information is exported to a file format that can be used for mail-merge purposes.
6) The Mail-Merge stage automates the set up of a mail-merge using the most recently exported Address-IT Pro file. Microsoft Word is required for this to operate successfully.

To request an evaluation version please contact ISW.

- Receive discounts on your postage from Australia Post by barcoding your mail items.

- Mail Merge directly with Microsoft Office to create your letters, labels, and envelopes
- Correct and consistent formatting of your addresses will enhance your organisation’s professional profile.
- Address-IT Pro can process a range of data files including text files, CSV, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase, and Paradox. It can also import from databases via ODBC links.
- Work live on a database via an ODBC data source. Address information, DPIDs and barcode strings can be all be updated or added to the database in real time.
- Address-IT Pro will generate your mailing manifest and lodgment requirements as required by Australia Post to maximise postal discounts.
- Reduce expensive Return to Sender mail.
- Barcoding mail enables the use of creative colour envelopes for marketing purposes.
- Supports Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME and XP.