"BusinessWorks" is an IBM Lotus Notes Groupware application designed to meet todays business needs for Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, and Knowledge Management. BusinessWorks has full-featured contact, correspondence, activity management and knowledge tracking capabilities. These features enable an organisation to effectively and efficiently maintain up to date details of contacts and organisation, manage and track correspondence to these contacts, track activities such as meetings and calls, and ensure that the whole organisation has access to important knowledge facts about clients. All of this is done within the secure environment of Lotus Notes.

Contact Relationship Management
Every Type of Organisation needs to successfully manage all aspects of its customer and prospect management. BusinessWorks provides a strategic competitive advantage through relationship management solutions made up of the Contact and OppTracker modules. BusinessWorks gives users access to all information relevant to the customer relationship through a single user interface, resulting in improved customer service, growth in sales, and increased productivity.

Sales Force Automation
From account management to prospect tracking, BusinessWorks OppTracker and Marketing Library empowers users to make the most of every sales opportunity. Route opportunities to appropriate staff allowing your marketing force to regain wasted time and focus on making the sale. Track accounts from initial contact through to project completion and store marketing knowledge that all users can utilise.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management is about enhancing organisational knowledge through sound practices of information management and organisational learning. Considerable evidence is emerging to show that what matters is not so much the ability to generate information but rather to assimilate it. Knowledge Management is about using information which creates value. BusinessWorks through it's OppTracker, Marketing Library, and CommCenter modules, provides organisations with all of the tools they will require to leverage their knowledge and convert it from information into a corporate asset.