Save money, improve productivity and make the most of your information assets by using Document ONE to manage electronic and paper documents.

What do a government department, an energy company, a manufacturing company, and an educational institution have in common? The need for a simple, cost-effective solution to securely manage their documents, paper records and emails.

Their chosen solution: Document ONE.

Enable your staff to be more productive
Chances are, if you don't have a system for managing documents, your staff are spending many unproductive hours searching for documents and records, trying to work out which is the latest version and re-creating the material they can't find.

The wealth of knowledge you could be tapping to do better business is being lost or becoming inaccessible, scattered across individual PCs or unstructured networked drives, locked up in personal email files, or being deleted altogether.

Capture and re-use valuable information assets
Document ONE is a simple, cost-effective solution that securely manages all your electronic documents, emails and paper records from one place.

With Document ONE, you can capture and re-use valuable information assets, reduce risk and improve productivity.

Save on storage and network costs
Document ONE can bring your organisation significant cost-savings through reduced electronic and physical storage costs, and decreased loads on email systems and servers.

Leverage your investment in Lotus Notes
If you already use Notes for email and other applications, Document ONE will add value to your investment. You can manage almost any document in Document ONE, including documents imported from other Lotus Notes databases.

The clean, intuitive interface makes Document ONE simple to use from either a Notes client or a web browser.