IBM® Forms helps clients reduce the time, costs, and problems inherent to manual, paper-based forms processes. Providing far more than simple electronic print and fill capabilities, IBM Forms aids in streamlining and automating end-to-end business processes that are initiated by forms.

With open standards (xForms) based electronic forms (eForms) that power business processes by standardising data capture, review, approval and submission of eForms IBM Forms enables organisations to leverage and extend their Forms.

Using IBM Forms ISW is able to help our clients with true paper to electronic forms conversion. An IBM Form is a true transaction with complete integrity of the transaction. Just like when a paper form is filled in the piece of paper becomes a verifiable record. The form and the data that was provided is bound together as a record. With IBM Forms this same outcome is achieved but the interface of the form being wrapped up with the data provided and any signatures so that it can be reproduced at a later date exactly as it was when the user first completed it. The difference of course is that an IBM Form is based on XML and as such the data can be parsed and integrated with back end systems quickly and easily.

Features & Benefits

Extend your business to the web - Zero footprint, Web 2.0 based eForms to help customers access business processes via the Web without requiring additional software download.
  • Streamline process automation - Delivers a security-rich, easy-to-use front-end for business process automation including wizard-based forms with sectional signing capabilities.
  • Accelerate data integration - Provides a dynamic front end to business processes that helps speed time to value and integration of data with more than 40 enterprise systems, now including tight integration with FileNet P8 and WebSphere Process Server to help meet specific forms, content management and Business Process Management needs.
  • Enable high performance - Delivers scalable solutions with enterprise class performance to help enhance employee productivity and reduce operational costs.
  • Extended Support - Create eForms in 28 languages on a broad range of platforms and operating systems including iSeries and Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • Open standards xForms based flexibility - Based on open standards including XForms an easy-to-use interface to Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) that delivers exact replicas of paper forms to embraces government and industry standards and help address compliance concerns.
So if you would like more information on IBM Forms solutions please Contact Us and we would be happy to help.