IBM Sametime is the real time component of the IBM communication and collaboration strategy. Sametime provides enterprise level instant messaging, web & video conferencing, voice over IP capabilities, and seemless integration with multivendor telecommunication systems.

ISW works with our clients to integrate Sametime into their every day processes. This enables them to leverage the real time capabilities of sametime as a natural part of their day to day activities. We can help you to develop Sametime Bots that look up product info or pricing for you. You might integrate Sametime Awareness into your Client Management System so you can have instant messaging sessions and web conferences with your clients. Or you might want to have Click To Call integration with your Sametime Buddy List and your Telephone system.

An Open Unified Communications Platform

IBM Sametime is open and extensible software for unifying communications and collaboration, so you can confidently support your customers and deliver tangible return on IT and telephony investments.

IBM Sametime capabilities such as presence, instant messaging, on-premise and Web conferencing services, VoIP, telephony, audio and video integration are accessible via the IBM Sametime unified user experience.

IBM Sametime software provides an encrypted, authenticated environment which can help you:

  • Deliver realtime unified communications and collaboration capabilities — through a simple, unified user experience — to traditional and mobile workers.
  • Improve the efficiency of communications.
  • Protect confidential information and assets.
  • Reduce the number of communications tools you need to support.
  • Control unapproved and expensive web conferences.
  • Offer access to expertise and knowledge throughout your organization.
  • Control and manage the use of unsecured public IM networks.
  • Provide all of this within a security-rich system that can help minimize risk and promote regulatory compliance.
So if you would like more information on IBM Sametime solutions please Contact Us and we would be happy to help.
Lotus Sametime provides the choices and the capabilities that organizations of all sizes need to work together in real-time.The Sametime Family of products has the following levels.

Sametime Features

Sametime Entry
IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Entry offers encrypted, authenticated, scalable, and proven enterprise instant messaging capabilities. Sametime entry works with both Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. Sametime Entry provides:

  • Presence and instant messaging chat
  • Integration with e-mail and productivity applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and IBM Lotus Notes
  • Multi-way chat
  • Rich text, time stamps, spell check and emoticons
  • Contact type-ahead search and contact detail display
  • Local chat history
  • Contact list management: Sort contact list, Show short names, Show online contacts only

Sametime Standard
Lotus Sametime Standard supports a wide variety of server operating systems (including Linux), and a provides support for a wide variety of clients -- including Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and many supported mobile devices. Sametime Standard provides:
  • Enterprise instant messaging and presence
  • Rich text, time stamps, spell check and emoticons
  • Multi-way chat
  • Built-in VoIP and point-to-point video
  • Integration with desktop productivity applications such as Microsoft Office and IBM Lotus Notes
  • Optional file transfer
  • integrated chat histories
  • Location awareness
  • Contact list with type-ahead and search
  • Contact Business cards
  • Managed interoperability with supported public IM networks
  • Web Conferencing
  • Integration with supported audio, video, and telephony systems

Sametime Advanced
IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced software includes the capabilities of Lotus Sametime Standard software, and expands them with advanced personal, team and community collaboration capabilities.
  • Persistent Group Chat
  • Instant Screen Sharing
  • Geographic Location Services
  • Real-Time Community Collaboration Tools
So if you would like more information on Lotus Sametime solutions please Contact Us and we would be happy to help.