ISW provides software & services to a variety of organisations ranging from small and medium businesses, large enterprise, and Federal & State Government Departments,. We have clients in every state of Australia and many clients utilising our software internationally.

We offer a broad range of expertise and services, from providing consulting services to assist in developing your IT strategies thru to the software development, implementation, and training. ISW utilises a clearly define methodology (WISDM) to ensure that we consistently deliver great results that meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Software Engineering

Our team of highly skilled Software Engineers are able to work with your organisation to determine your business requirements and then deliver innovative solutions.

IBM Software Licensing

We have a team of software licensing experts. Ask us how we can save you on your licensing costs!! ISW understand the ins and outs of the IBM's licensing programs and distribution channels and are able to work for you to determine the best licensing model for your organisation

Domino Hosting & E-Commerce

ISW provides IBM Lotus Domino hosting services at very competitive rates. Our Telco grade infrastructure built on IBM equipment ensures high availability for your Domino web sites and applications. ISW also offers full e-commerce capabilities ustilising our Camtech payment gateways.

End User & Technical Training

ISW's training business, iTeam, aims to empower our participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to make the best use of the information technology at their disposal.

IT Procurement

ISW understands the various vendor programs and distribution channels and are able to work for you to determine the best possible solution for your IT infrastructure. ISW will first find an appropriate IT solution and then ensure that you get the best possible price.