"IVR-Xpress Visual Builder" allows you to design complex voice and VXML conversations by flowcharting the desired dialogues. Visual Builder will generate fully compliant VXML 2.0 code without you having to code the VXML manually!

IVR Xpress Visual Builder™ is a powerful and easy to use application development visual editing tool for the creation of VXML applications and voice conversation according to international standards. An application is created visually by linking conversation objects and defining either text to speech, voice recognition, or simply attaching audio files. The VXML 2.0 compliant code is simultaneously generated automatically behind the scenes.

Click Here for a Screen Shot of Flowchart Editor View
Click Here for a Screen Shot of VXML Editor View


Easily create and change voice workflows using a simple drag and drop interface for drawing conversation flowchart diagrams in a GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Automatically generate VXML code that is fully compliant with the VXML 2.0 international standard
  • Import your existing VXML code and see it in a flexible flowchart diagram of the conversation
  • Rapidly and easily understand and update your existing code
  • Update either the VXML code or the flowchart diagram with full 360 degrees fidelity
  • Develop your own libraries of VXML conversations then embed them as sub-conversations
  • Flick at a click between the code view and diagram view editors
  • Use both views at once: See the Voice XML code segment represented by the selected flowchart diagram element in the VoiceXML Viewer
  • Change workflows at runtime without the need to restart any application. Simply press save and use it.
  • Customise your workspace - Show, hide and dock windows, and editors where ever you desire
  • Access Help Easily - See a short description of selected properties and their purpose and effect on the overall application in the Properties Box.
  • Navigate easily through the HTML Help pages
IVR Xpress Visual Builder allows you to rapidly build VXML applications visually without having to know the exact syntax of the VXML 2.0 standard. Alternatively the ability to import your existing VXML code allows you to rapidly make changes to your existing code base. A complex voice conversation can be created visually, whilst simultaneously generating the Voice XML code automatically behind the scenes.