The place where people with ideas can put their hand up and be heard!

IdeaJam is a simple, yet powerful piece of idea and innovation management software. The basic premise is that anyone within the organisation can post an idea and others are able to comment on, make further suggestions and even vote on whether to “promote” a good idea or “demote” the less relevant.

Charts and rankings make it easy to see ideas that are generating buzz within the organisation and individuals who are contributing frequently to the development of ideas.

What are the benefits of IdeaJam

Collection of ideas from a range of people gives multiple views and insights
  • Quickly establish a feedback channel with employees, customers and partners
  • Support an inclusive and collaborative workplace environment
  • Validate concepts through feedback solicitation
  • Record and manage input from thousands of stakeholders
  • Use the power of “crowd-sourcing” to rank ideas and allow the best ideas to rise to the top

Who should use IdeaJam

Businesses of all kinds in any industry, of any size can experience the benefits of IdeaJam. Departments from Marketing to Accounting, Human Resources to Customer Service can get involved. What we are really saying is any organisation that wants to empower employees to innovate and improve the workplace or workplace projects should look at installing IdeaJam today.

What can ISW do with IdeaJam

ISW can use our knowledge and capabilities around IBM collaboration technologies, including Domino, Connections and Portal, to integrate IdeaJam into your existing IBM softwares or tailor a workplace collaboration package to suit your needs.

Of course, IdeaJam is also available as a standalone, easy to install software purchase.

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Tags - All ideas can be "tagged" with one or more tags. Participants can then use tag clouds to see which tags are popular. They can also use tags to locate ideas that may interest them.

Statistics and Analytics - View charts of Idea statistics including daily votes by IdeaSpace, number of ideas by IdeaSpace, votes by day, votes by week, ideas comments and votes by IdeaSpace and many more.

Dashboard - View your ideas, comments, suggested ideas and more in the dashboard.
RSS content feeds - IdeaJam provides RSS feeds for IdeaSpace's (themes), a specific idea, a participant or for any tag.

Comment Moderation - IdeaJam has support for comment moderation which allows comments to be edited and/or removed.

Top Innovators - Easily identify who the top innovators in IdeaJam are using a set of weights that can be applied to ideas, comments, votes and votes cast for persons ideas.

Comments - IdeaJam participants can choose to be notified when new comments on their ideas have been posted. They can also modify their comments within 15 minutes after they have been posted.

What's Hot - You can see ideas that are popular in the last day, week or month, each with a single click, administrators can even control the rules for "hotness".

Profiles - IdeaJam participants can view their ideas, their comments, and the ideas they voted on.

Security - Administrators can configure groups of people who have administrative access to edit ideas in each IdeaSpace / theme. IdeaJams can be private or public. Access is easily controlled using the IdeaJam access conrol list.

IdeaJam API - IdeaJam has 14 JSON and web service methods which can be used to extend IdeaJam programatically.

Views - Ideas can be viewed by popularity, recent ideas, most comments, recent comments or others. Each view also has an associated RSS feed. Participapnts can also choose to "follow" an IdeaSpace and receive notifications when new ideas are added.

Twitter Integration - Have IdeaJam "tweet" new ideas to Twitter
Unvoted - IdeaJam participants can easily review ideas that they have not yet voted on.