Enabling people to collaborate quickly and easily inside and outside your organisation boundaries is a key to healthier business growth. IBM® Lotus® Quickr™ is team collaboration software that helps you share content, collaborate and work faster online with your teams - inside or outside your firewall.

ISW has been using Quickr since its original version (Quickplace) was released to help us collaborate with our clients and partners. The current version is Quickr is a powerful and easy to use Web 2.0 collaborative application. ISW also provides Quickr Hosting Services.

Quickr is a Web 2.0-based team collaboration offering designed to transform the way documents and rich media are shared, enabling more effective team collaboration. Lotus Quickr comprises connectors that integrate with popular desktop applications, a rich set of content and team services such as wikis and team blogs, and scalable content repositories to help businesses securely manage information.

Lotus Quickr can be described as three things (all included):
1. Content stores or repositories - where you store your personal and team content
2. Content and team services - that let you store, organize, access, and share content and team projects
3. Connectors - that provide the end user interface to Lotus Quickr content

Quickr Connectors

One of the most powerful features of Quickr is the provision of the Quickr Connectors. The Quickr Connectors enable users of Quickr to work where they are without switching applications. The connectors are the "secret sauce" that makes Quickr stand out from other Web 2.0 applications.

The Connectors included are:
  • Lotus Notes Connector - Easily Save Email Attachments to a Quickr Place rather than send them via email,
  • Lotus Notes 8.0.1 Side Shelf Connector - Simply drag and drop entire emails with attachments to a Quickr;
  • Microsoft Office Connector - Check in and Check out documents to a Quickr without leaving Office;
  • Sametime Connector - Access your Quickr content library from within Lotus Sametime;
  • Windows Explorer Connector - Access Quickr content libraries directly from Windows Explorer;
  • Microsoft Outlook Connector - If you happen to use Outlook then there is also a plug-in for you!, and
  • Lotus Symphony Connector - Just like the Office connector you can access your Quickr libraries directly from within Symphony.

With a simple click, you can move a Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook attachment to a Lotus Quickr library and send a link instead of large e-mail files. Plus, your recipient is assured of getting the most recent version instead of t he stale version attached to an old e-mail.

Lotus Sametime users can exchange links to Lotus Quickr content and collaborate right from a chat. Microsoft Office and IBM Lotus Symphony users can just easily check documents in and out of the Lotus Quickr content libraries and more!
So if you would like more information on Lotus Quickr solutions or a free trial of our Quickr Hosting Services, please Contact Us and we would be happy to help.