Lotus is the people part of software. How do people work together, communicate together, collaborate together!

That is what Lotus Software is all about! It might simply be via email, or they might collaborate as part of a business workflow process. They might conduct a web conference and share their screens with a group of people. They will know who is online and available to collaborate. They might share files to work on together. They will be able to find experts in particular topics and instantly work with them. They will work within their organisations and with partners and clients on the outside. They will do all of this via one interface in either a browser or a rich client.

All the while the technology they use will be standards based so the technical people will love it.

ISW has been an IBM Premier Partner since 1996 and an Australian leader in Lotus software. All of ISW's staff are certified to the highest levels of Lotus Software and we support our clients across the entire range of Lotus Software.

Lotus Portfolio

IBM Lotus delivers a portfolio of software offerings that empower people to be more effective, responsive and innovative in the context of the work they do.

From email and instant messaging to role-based portals and social computing, IBM offers flexible, integrated solutions to help organizations of all sizes achieve business agility in a new age.
So please have a look thru our site for information on the range of Lotus Software products. We would be happy to discuss and demonstrate any of the Lotus products with you so please Contact Us and we would be happy to help.