ISW is pleased to have partnered with Genius Inside to bring to our Australian customers their leading project management software. Genius Inside is a leading provider of Enterprise Project Management software, specialised in Internet/ intranet enterprise project management solutions. Genius Enterprise Project software from Genius Inside has over 200 customers worldwide and in excess of 38,000 users. Genius Enterprise Project was recognized by IBM at Lotusphere 2004 with the Lotus Workplace Innovation-CTO award.

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The Project Management Software. An overview.

Genius Enterprise ProjectSimply the best Project Management Solution on Domino. Because Genius Enterprise Project is so easy to use it fulfils small organisation requirements, and because it is so powerful and flexible it fulfils all needs for larger companies as well. Today, with more than 38,000 users, Genius Enterprise Project is truly the leading Domino project management software.

Genius Enterprise Project is the Enterprise Project Management solution to automate all your projects, people and priorities across the entire organization. Companies can organize all projects into portfolios, and instantly track all project deliverables, budgets, tasks, changes, risks and issues in a collaborative environment.

A complete project management solution. The Genius Enterprise Project solution goes beyond simple planning and covers all phases of a project, as well as managing all of the documents related to a project. Genius Enterprise Project coordinates projects through logical and chronological segmentation: project description, document management and follow-up.

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Genius Enterprise Project is a 100% Domino and web-enabled solution which gives project team members access to all the latest information in real time, and allows organizations to leverage their Domino infrastructure. By integrating all project areas in one software solution, Genius Enterprise Project enables your teams to communicate, collaborate, report on and track project time, costs, progress and team performance over a powerful and easy-to-use interface.

Microsoft Project Integration. Genius Enterprise Project contains a standard interface with Office applications, and has a particularly powerful and easy-to-use bi-directional interface with MS-Project.

An optimal organization. The project team always knows who does what, who has access to which documents, what are the delays, who has to give an approval and for when, etc. All the documents are accessible by author, by date or by approver. Users become more efficient and productive because they have the information they need – when they need it.

A precise follow-up in real time; Genius Enterprise Project provides an optimal overview supplying all necessary information for the follow-up: dash board, planned costs, real costs, progression of tasks. You know what has been done, how long it took, how much it cost, what remains to be done, the problems that arose and the consequences. The resource module optimizes skill usage and ensures that all critical resources are productively aligned with high priority projects.

Collaboration and Workflow. Using its integrated workflow engine, Genius Enterprise Project manages, automates and tracks project workflow. Project processes are configured and automated. Organizations can incorporate the desired flow cycles, gates, typical phase reviews and approvals that meet their organizational requirements.

Document management. Genius Enterprise Project provides full document lifecycle management, including document creation, review and approvals. Every element in the repository inherits standard behaviours such as access rights control, automatic distribution, check-in/check-out, filing, history.