Websphere is IBM's integration software platform. entire middleware infrastructure -- such as servers, services, and tools--needed to write, run, and monitor 24x7 industrial-strength, on demand Web applications and cross-platform, cross-product solutions. WebSphere provides reliable, flexible, and robust integration software.

As the heart of the Websphere portfolio is the Websphere Application Server (WAS). WAS is effectively the base on the infrastructure and all of the other Websphere products run on top of it. The Websphere platform provides the basis for a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) based on a modular approach and industry open standards. ISW firmly believes that IBM's support of open standards makes Websphere stand out as the premier product range for web applications.

In addition the fact that Websphere runs across many platforms, including AIX, HP Unix, i5/OS, Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows, and z/OS makes it easy to support and integrate in almost any environment.

So what can it do for my organisation?

At the end of the day ISW is about building business applications and helping our clients improve their processes and ultimately to achieve the organisational objectives. Those objectives might be to increase profits, provide better service to customers, or to recruit more people to their organisation.

Websphere software allows organisations to leverage their existing systems and bring them together via modern web applications. Websphere Portal brings these applications into one place where users can access the applications they need to on a personalised, secure, roles based environment. You might extend your business systems by providing portals to customers and business partners. Websphere can help to implement dashboards and performance metrics, Using Websphere Business Modeller ISW can work with you to model and improve business processes.

Websphere is clearly a market leader in web applications and middleware infrastructure.
So please have a look thru our site for information on the range of Websphere Software products. We would be happy to discuss and demonstrate any of the Websphere products with you so please Contact Us and we would be happy to help.