...improve customer service?

Empower your customers with a rich web interface with self service capabilities that will delight them and keep them coming back.

...collaborate between your business and partners?
Allow partners and suppliers to collaborate via instant messaging, forums, wiki’s, and blogs.

...provide dashboard and performance scorecard reporting?
Empower managers with KPI’s and the Business Intelligence they need to make decisions.

...search everything?
Find the information that you need to do your job faster.

...unify your applications?
Provide a single, consistent interface that aggregates data from disparate back end systems so you can make the right decisions quicker.

...extend the reach of your organisation?
Push your processes out to customers and business partners so they can interact with straight through processing.

...securely leverage your existing systems?
Integrate and leverage your existing systems with single sign on capabilities.

WebSphere Portal

IBM WebSphere Portal can achieve all of this and more, providing a highly reliable single point of interaction with processes, applications, content and people. The opportunity awaits you to make a significant, positive impact on your organisation. ISW has teamed with IBM to provide a solution that can enable you to quickly achieve the above outcomes and ensure an immediate positive impact on your business.

Book a time now to discuss your business and we’ll show you how WebSphere Portal can leverage your existing systems to improve customer service and collaboration throughout your organisation.