"Workflow-Xpress" is the most flexible and functional workflow tool there is for Notes and Domino. Whether you require sequential, parallel, or adhoc workflow, you can easily create and change workflow to meet your business processes in minutes. Comparable to other workflow products for far less the cost!!

Workflow-Xpress has been designed to allow developers to rapidly create and then maintain complex workflow business processes without the need for complex code. Simply by embedding the workflow engine into your current database forms you can add virtually any combination of workflow that you can imagine.

Each stage of the workflow is defined by what happens on entering a stage, what happens during the stage, and what happens at the completion of the stage. Simply configure each stage and link it to the next stage of the business process and the workflow is setup.

Having been developed over a number of years and been extensively tested on real world applications we are confident that it can meet the workflow requirements of any organisation. Workflow-Xpress has been designed with basic notes developers in mind that may have limited development skills. The developer can build their forms, views, and the look and feel of the application with no restrictions. They then embed the workflow engine and the complex code required for workflow is provided for them. And yet for those more experienced developers that can write code it has the flexibility to include and trigger complex agents and other processes as required by more sophisticated applications.

9 Reasons to go with Workflow-Xpress

1) 100% pure Domino. Unlike some other providers Workflow-Xpress does not require server add-ins or additional client software. It runs on standard Domino servers and Notes clients.

2) You have choice as to which directory to use. You can simply use the Domino Directory or use the provided HR & Roles database to define your organisational roles, relations and structures. Alternatively you can use a completely separate directory of your own!!

3) Even the most complex workflow can be handled by Workflow-Xpress. Parallel, sequential, adhoc, or even a combination of these means that you can define any workflow process you can imagine.

4) It's great code that really works! Developed over a number of years and tested with both small and large organisations including Government Departments.

5) As the Workflow Engine is template based it is simple and quick to upgrade to new versions. With 6 monthly releases this is essential. Simply replace your templates and let the design refresh through all of your workflow applications.

6) What happens when someone goes on leave or is sick??? Many workflow processes simply stop until that person returns. Well not with Workflow-Xpress. Simply allocate a substitute and automatically all workflow notifications/authorities are transferred to that person. The workflow can just continue as normaly keeping your business running.

7) Extensive security capabilities that leverages the security build into Notes and Domino. If required documents can be hidden from all users except those that are involved with the specific process. Even in public databases documents can be restricted to specific individuals or groups.

8) The most compelling reason for going with Workflow-Xpress is the ease in which you can modify and update workflow processes. In every business processes change overtime so the ability to update a process without the need for recoding is a major plus.

9)Lastly Workflow-Xpress is backed by the experience of ISW Development Pty Ltd. ISW has been a Premier IBM Business Partner since 1996 and has extensive world wide experience in supporting clients on IBM software platforms.

So why wait. Contact us now for a online demo and a fully working evaluation version of Workflow Xpress.