IBM Lotus Forms helps to reduce the time, costs, and problems inherent to paper-based forms processes.

It unleashes information trapped in paper, making it instantly available to anyone, at any time, and anywhere - helping speed business transactions and increase responsiveness.

It builds intelligent, easy-to-use dynamic eForms that reduce or eliminate errors at the point of entry, helping reduce staff requirements and expensive exception processing.

By leveraging open standards such as XForms to integrate an intelligent user interface with high-value back-end systems, Lotus Forms aids in streamlining global business operations, breaking down language barriers and helping to reduce the cost of integrating information to business resources. And it enables efficient and productive development of forms-based processes, supporting team development and reuse of business components used across forms applications.

IBM Lotus Forms utilises and extends existing IT investments. Rather than including dedicated, proprietary software for eForm management and delivery, IBM Lotus Forms creates an open standards, intelligent message that flows through and leverages IT components dedicated to content management, collaboration, e-mail, messaging, workflow, portals, web serving, and more.

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